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In today’s modern world, we are quickly forgetting about the natural medicinal methods that our ancestors used. These methods were very effective in their own right, but now have given way for the methods we used today that are more removed from nature. However, at the China Acupuncture & Herb Center in Portland, OR, we aim to stay close to tradition and remain true with all natural healing methods. We believe that these methods are the best and most effective for the body.

The holistic healing that we practice at our center involves the use of natural herbs, acupuncture, and other holistic methods that stem from Chinese tradition. We stand firmly behind the belief that one must be in balance with nature to achieve wellness throughout the body. The best way to achieve this balance is through the use of natural healing. Modern medicine cannot quite achieve this balance, which is why patients often turn to us when other methods have failed.

All natural healing is a practice that has been prominent in China for centuries. We use these ancient and traditional practices and knowledge and apply them to sicknesses that people suffer today brought on by the modern lifestyle. We provide an adequate alternative to the harmful and intensive treatments usually done for illness and conditions today. Our all natural healing provides a cure for inner and outer ailments of both the body and the spirit.

There are few limits to what we can treat with our all natural healing methods. Whether is pain, an ailment of the organ, infection, or disease, there is a natural and gentle method for taking care of these problems.

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