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The use of Chinese herbs is one that dates back thousands of years. It is said that there lived a man who tasted many kinds of herbs to discover the therapeutic properties of the herbs. This became the base of a pharmaceutical system now widely used in China in which various herbs are used to cure certain illnesses. Herbs are used by themselves or in combination with other herbs. At the China Acupuncture & Herb Center in Portland, OR, we use this long standing practice to cure our patients.

Usually, Chinese herbs are taken in the form of tea. Patients are subscribed the herbs, then they brew a tea according to specific instructions. This tea is drunken until the patient’s condition improves. At our center, we have extensive knowledge of Chinese medicinal herbs, so we know just the right herb or combination of herbs for whatever condition you have.

We provide Chinese herbs in a variety of ways, including raw herbs used for teas, herb tinctures, patent herbs and herb extracts. We prescribe each of these depending on the type of illness or condition the patient is suffering from. We use all natural herbs that are imported directly from China in our practice. All of these herbs all have their own special properties which can treat the illnesses that our patients come in with.

We have had many patients that have found that Chinese medicinal herbs are even more effective than prescription medicine. Given that these herbs are completely natural and come straight from the earth, they have less side effects and are much safer to use. You really cannot go wrong with the use of Chinese herbs.

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